The Griffiths / Roland Family Tree
The Griffiths / Roland Family Tree
Stephen Griffiths
Welcome! This site is the result of 20 years of my work. I would like to thank the many people who have contributed to it, without their help it would not have been possible.

The following are the primary sources:

* "Genealogy Of The Cleveland And Cleaveland Families”, by Edmund Janes Cleveland And Horace Gillette Cleveland (1899)
* “A Genealogy Of The Descendants Of Joseph Bixby (1621 - 1701) Of Ipswich And Boxford Massachusetts And Of The Bixby Family In England Descendants Of Walter Bekesby (1427) Of Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk”, by Willard Goldthwaite Bixby, S.B., (1914)
* “Parren Family” by Leonard Parren (2002)
* “Captain Samuel Cleaveland" by Jenny Williams (2006)
* “Roland Family Tree" by John F. Roland (2009)

To navigate this site click on either INDEX or SURNAMES. Using your web browser's search engine (control-F for Windows or command-F for Mac) and search for the surname you are looking for. Then select the name of your ancestor. This will take you to your ancestor’s family “group sheet”. Clicking on the link for the person or their spouse will take you to a "person sheet" for that person. This is where the most important information will be found for your ancestor. Note: there may be a short delay in displaying information.

Clicking on a camera icon will take you the media page for that person, clicking a tree icon will display a five generation chart for that person.

I use a privacy filter on the database which means that for living people, only their name (initials with last name) are displayed on the site.

This file is an accumulation of data that I have made while researching my own Family Tree. I am not a professional genealogist and make no claims as to the accuracy of this file. I have spent considerable time trying to resolve conflicts in dates and relationships, however, it is impossible to guarantee no mistakes. I am sure there are many.