Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA


Tree: Our Ancestors
Latitude: 40.650002, Longitude: -73.949448


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ABRAMS, Jemima  26 Jan 1808Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I8222 Our Ancestors 
2 CLEVELAND, Lucinda  05 Dec 1836Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I10814 Our Ancestors 
3 CLEVELAND, Margaret Jane  06 Apr 1839Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I10815 Our Ancestors 
4 CRANE, Edward  Abt 1875Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I7910 Our Ancestors 
5 CRANE, Robert Dillon  09 Jan 1869Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I8040 Our Ancestors 
6 CRANE, William Watrous  01 Oct 1873Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I8041 Our Ancestors 
7 CURRAN, Edward Bronson  15 Dec 1898Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I25822 Our Ancestors 
8 Di Fronzo, Joseph  05 Jun 1924Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13523 Our Ancestors 
9 FRANK, George D.  Abt 1879Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13139 Our Ancestors 
10 GIBBS, Donald Mortimer  19 Jul 1903Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I24105 Our Ancestors 
11 GRIFFITHS, Alfred Walter  29 May 1877Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13183 Our Ancestors 
12 GRIFFITHS, Alfred Walter  07 Feb 1909Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I28630 Our Ancestors 
13 GRIFFITHS, Edna Grace  14 Sep 1906Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I28629 Our Ancestors 
14 GRIFFITHS, Edwin Sedric  07 Apr 1887Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13134 Our Ancestors 
15 GRIFFITHS, Mary Ruth  29 Aug 1905Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I28628 Our Ancestors 
16 GRIFFITHS, Robert Charles  07 Sep 1917Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I2 Our Ancestors 
17 GRIFFITHS, Seymour Harry  21 Jun 1879Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I5 Our Ancestors 
18 GRIFFITHS, Seymour Schulz  12 Aug 1910Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I7 Our Ancestors 
19 GRIMMELL, Rowland Weimer  02 Oct 1874Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I19074 Our Ancestors 
20 HAMILTON, George Carl  08 May 1897Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13279 Our Ancestors 
21 HAMILTON, George Robert  10 Apr 1918Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13280 Our Ancestors 
22 HILLIG, Dorothy Elizabeth  08 Nov 1910Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I77720981 Our Ancestors 
23 HYDE, Sarah Margreta  13 May 1873Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I14101 Our Ancestors 
24 KERESEY, Mary A  20 Nov 1869Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I20264 Our Ancestors 
25 LOOMIS, Edward Franklin  21 Jul 1919Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13353 Our Ancestors 
26 LOOMIS, Harold  13 Dec 1892Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13351 Our Ancestors 
27 LOOMIS, Harold Rudolph  13 Dec 1916Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13352 Our Ancestors 
28 MCGILL, Albert Barry  06 Sep 1888Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I20265 Our Ancestors 
29 MCGILL, Helen M  04 Sep 1891Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I20267 Our Ancestors 
30 MCGILL, Walter Keresey  20 Nov 1889Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I20266 Our Ancestors 
31 MILLER, Lillie Cox  24 Dec 1863Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I8037 Our Ancestors 
32 REYNOLDS, Mary Theresa  25 Jul 1916Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I74921856 Our Ancestors 
33 SCHULZ, Agnes  30 Jul 1883Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I146 Our Ancestors 
34 SCHULZ, Emily Sophia  13 Feb 1893Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13350 Our Ancestors 
35 SCHULZ, Harold  11 Jul 1900Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13282 Our Ancestors 
36 SCHULZ, Henrietta Maedaline  01 May 1891Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I147 Our Ancestors 
37 SCHULZ, Ida  01 Jul 1898Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13278 Our Ancestors 
38 SCHULZ, Lillian E  05 Feb 1895Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13521 Our Ancestors 
39 SCHULZ, Mildred J  14 Jun 1907Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I149 Our Ancestors 
40 SCHULZ, Seymour  11 Jul 1900Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13281 Our Ancestors 
41 SCHULZ, Viola Martha  01 Dec 1910Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I150 Our Ancestors 
42 STORCKS, Jean Marie Cecila  10 Jun 1926Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13537 Our Ancestors 
43 VAN RIPER, Ellis Fonner  27 Mar 1911Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I152 Our Ancestors 
44 WARRINER, Ella Francis  31 Dec 1862Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I11722 Our Ancestors 
45 WARRINER, Jennie Louise  22 Apr 1861Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I11721 Our Ancestors 
46 WHEELER, Louis Albert  22 Aug 1881Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I24834 Our Ancestors 
47 YOUNG, Adeline Matilda  08 Jan 1851Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13133 Our Ancestors 
48 YOUNG, Annie A  Abt 1865Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13426 Our Ancestors 
49 YOUNG, Elizabeth J  Abt 1854Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13423 Our Ancestors 
50 YOUNG, John H  Abt 1857Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13424 Our Ancestors 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEHR, Sophie  08 Mar 1917Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13136 Our Ancestors 
2 CRANE, Ann Maria  22 Apr 1885Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I3103 Our Ancestors 
3 CRANE, William Watrous  17 Sep 1874Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I8041 Our Ancestors 
4 FRANK, Adam Hartman  06 Jul 1896Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13135 Our Ancestors 
5 FRANK, Carolyn  30 Dec 1934Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I9 Our Ancestors 
6 FRANK, Edward  13 Apr 1897Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13137 Our Ancestors 
7 GRIFFITHS, Alfred Walter John  13 Aug 1895Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13132 Our Ancestors 
8 GRIFFITHS, Seymour Harry  16 Apr 1922Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I5 Our Ancestors 
9 LIST, Selma  09 Jan 1903Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13130 Our Ancestors 
10 MACDONALD, Henry A  28 Apr 1936Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13198 Our Ancestors 
11 MILLER, Lillie Cox  20 Aug 1864Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I8037 Our Ancestors 
12 SCHULZ, Bernhard  14 Jul 1937Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13114 Our Ancestors 
13 SCHULZ, Clara Mabel  10 Oct 1930Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I6 Our Ancestors 
14 SCHULZ, Ida  07 Nov 1930Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13278 Our Ancestors 
15 SCHULZ, Julius  01 May 1936Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13112 Our Ancestors 
16 SCHULZ, Lillian E  05 Jul 1896Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13521 Our Ancestors 
17 SCHULZ, Paul  27 Apr 1936Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13111 Our Ancestors 
18 SCHULZ, Selma  27 Apr 1936Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13113 Our Ancestors 
19 SCHULZ, Seymour  12 Jan 1901Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13281 Our Ancestors 
20 SIMONDS, Marguerite Adde  Aug 1964Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I20373 Our Ancestors 
21 TYNG, James Higginson  06 Apr 1879Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I8999 Our Ancestors 
22 WARRINER, Perlin Nathan  30 Aug 1874Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I11713 Our Ancestors 
23 YOUNG, Adeline Matilda  23 Dec 1913Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13133 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 LOOMIS, Harold  03 Apr 1940Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13351 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSON, Anna  09 Jun 1900Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13616 Our Ancestors 
2 BEHR, Sophie  09 Jul 1870Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13136 Our Ancestors 
3 BEHR, Sophie  15 Jun 1880Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13136 Our Ancestors 
4 BEHR, Sophie  08 Jun 1900Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13136 Our Ancestors 
5 BERGEN, Edgar  10 Jun 1880Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I2403190 Our Ancestors 
6 BERGEN, Jeremiah V  10 Jun 1880Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I10254367 Our Ancestors 
7 BIEDERMANN, Edward Julius Jr.  10 Apr 1930Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I151 Our Ancestors 
8 BIEDERMANN, Edward Julius Jr.  10 Apr 1940Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I151 Our Ancestors 
9 BOHLE, William  04 Apr 1930Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13213 Our Ancestors 
10 CHAVER, Elizabeth  13 Jun 1860Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13422 Our Ancestors 
11 CHAVER, Elizabeth  13 Jul 1870Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13422 Our Ancestors 
12 CHAVER, Elizabeth  28 Jun 1875Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13422 Our Ancestors 
13 DODD, Elizabeth Rose  14 Jan 1920Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I20230 Our Ancestors 
14 FRANK, Adam Hartman  09 Jul 1870Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13135 Our Ancestors 
15 FRANK, Adam Hartman  15 Jun 1880Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13135 Our Ancestors 
16 FRANK, Carolyn  09 Jul 1870Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I9 Our Ancestors 
17 FRANK, Carolyn  15 Jun 1880Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I9 Our Ancestors 
18 FRANK, Carolyn  16 Feb 1892Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I9 Our Ancestors 
19 FRANK, Carolyn  08 Jun 1900Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I9 Our Ancestors 
20 FRANK, Carolyn  1910Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I9 Our Ancestors 
21 FRANK, Carolyn  10 Jan 1920Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I9 Our Ancestors 
22 FRANK, Edward  09 Jul 1870Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13137 Our Ancestors 
23 FRANK, Edward  15 Jun 1880Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13137 Our Ancestors 
24 FRANK, George D.  15 Jun 1880Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13139 Our Ancestors 
25 FRANK, George D.  08 Jun 1900Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13139 Our Ancestors 
26 FRANK, Henry  09 Jul 1870Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13138 Our Ancestors 
27 FRANK, Henry  15 Jun 1880Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13138 Our Ancestors 
28 GALBRETH, Dorothy D  14 Jan 1920Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I29874 Our Ancestors 
29 GALBRETH, Harry Charles  14 Jan 1920Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I29873 Our Ancestors 
30 GALBRETH, Harry Charles  14 Jan 1920Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I29875 Our Ancestors 
31 GRIFFITHS, Alfred Walter  03 Jun 1880Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13183 Our Ancestors 
32 GRIFFITHS, Alfred Walter  16 Feb 1892Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13183 Our Ancestors 
33 GRIFFITHS, Alfred Walter  15 Jun 1900Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13183 Our Ancestors 
34 GRIFFITHS, Alfred Walter  22 Apr 1910Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13183 Our Ancestors 
35 GRIFFITHS, Alfred Walter  22 Apr 1910Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I28630 Our Ancestors 
36 GRIFFITHS, Alfred Walter John  03 Jun 1880Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13132 Our Ancestors 
37 GRIFFITHS, Alfred Walter John  16 Feb 1892Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13132 Our Ancestors 
38 GRIFFITHS, Edna Grace  22 Apr 1910Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I28629 Our Ancestors 
39 GRIFFITHS, Edwin Sedric  16 Feb 1892Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13134 Our Ancestors 
40 GRIFFITHS, Edwin Sedric  15 Jun 1900Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13134 Our Ancestors 
41 GRIFFITHS, Edwin Sedric  19 Apr 1910Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13134 Our Ancestors 
42 GRIFFITHS, Ida E  16 Feb 1892Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13475 Our Ancestors 
43 GRIFFITHS, Ida E  15 Jun 1900Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13475 Our Ancestors 
44 GRIFFITHS, Ida E  01 Jun 1905Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13475 Our Ancestors 
45 GRIFFITHS, Ida E  19 Apr 1910Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I13475 Our Ancestors 
46 GRIFFITHS, Mary Ruth  22 Apr 1910Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I28628 Our Ancestors 
47 GRIFFITHS, Robert Charles  10 Jan 1920Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I2 Our Ancestors 
48 GRIFFITHS, Seymour Harry  03 Jun 1880Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I5 Our Ancestors 
49 GRIFFITHS, Seymour Harry  16 Feb 1892Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I5 Our Ancestors 
50 GRIFFITHS, Seymour Harry  15 Jun 1900Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I5 Our Ancestors 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 GRIFFITHS, Seymour Harry  Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA I5 Our Ancestors 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ATKINS / ROCKWELL  25 Oct 1860Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F4614 Our Ancestors 
2 BIEDERMANN / SCHULZ  23 Jun 1930Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F50 Our Ancestors 
3 BOHLE / SCHULZ  25 Sep 1920Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F4357 Our Ancestors 
4 CLEVELAND / ABRAMS  05 Aug 1824Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F1417 Our Ancestors 
5 CRANE / DILLON  03 Dec 1867Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F2916 Our Ancestors 
6 Di Fronzo / LOOMIS  Jun 1949Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F4435 Our Ancestors 
7 GRIFFITHS / YOUNG  01 Nov 1876Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F4338 Our Ancestors 
8 HAMILTON / SCHULZ  08 May 1917Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F4202 Our Ancestors 
9 LOOMIS / SCHULZ  21 Feb 1916Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F1817 Our Ancestors 
10 LOOMIS / STORCKS  23 Feb 1947Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F4443 Our Ancestors 
11 SCHULZ / FRANK  24 Apr 1882Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F3 Our Ancestors 
12 UNKNOWN / HUNTINGTON  23 Oct 1861Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F1480 Our Ancestors 
13 UNKNOWN / YOUNGS  Mar 1856Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F2998 Our Ancestors 
14 VAN RIPER / SCHULZ  15 Feb 1936Brooklyn,Kings County,New York,USA F51 Our Ancestors 
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