Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA


Tree: Our Ancestors
Latitude: 42.628887, Longitude: -85.023888


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BALE, Bernard Delmore  11 Feb 1903Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14295 Our Ancestors 
2 BALE, Bertha Beatrice  11 Feb 1903Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14297 Our Ancestors 
3 BALE, Bertha Belle  08 Dec 1883Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14254 Our Ancestors 
4 BALE, Charles William  08 Aug 1875Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14236 Our Ancestors 
5 BALE, Grace Edith  04 Sep 1900Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14293 Our Ancestors 
6 BALE, Grace Ellen  15 Jan 1881Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14241 Our Ancestors 
7 BALE, Nellie Mae  23 Mar 1892Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14249 Our Ancestors 
8 BALE, Shirley Wells  12 Sep 1893Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14252 Our Ancestors 
9 BALE, Stanley Roy  03 Sep 1898Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14292 Our Ancestors 
10 BYRD, Robert Wells  29 Apr 1916Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14360 Our Ancestors 
11 CAREY, Kenneth Wayne  14 Aug 1919Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14369 Our Ancestors 
12 CAREY, Leroy Dale  08 Oct 1911Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14366 Our Ancestors 
13 CAREY, Opal V  14 Jan 1902Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14362 Our Ancestors 
14 CAREY, Raymond E  18 Jan 1917Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14368 Our Ancestors 
15 CAREY, Willard Henry  19 Apr 1875Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14242 Our Ancestors 
16 CHATFIELD, Avery Y  16 May 1921Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I28992 Our Ancestors 
17 COOK, Floyd Wilber  15 Nov 1919Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14403 Our Ancestors 
18 DOWNING, Alice Katherine  01 Dec 1878Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14291 Our Ancestors 
19 DUNBAR, Esther Rosetta  14 Jan 1893Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14253 Our Ancestors 
20 DUNBAR, Eva Mae  18 Dec 1898Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14346 Our Ancestors 
21 DUNBAR, Lillian Esther  16 Feb 1906Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I65194937 Our Ancestors 
22 FOWLER, Cora A  06 Apr 1887Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I15814 Our Ancestors 
23 GONSER, Ernest George  02 May 1889Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14279 Our Ancestors 
24 GORDON, Carl September  19 Sep 1919Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14373 Our Ancestors 
25 HAGER, Clair Harmon  30 Jul 1910Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I16011 Our Ancestors 
26 HAGER, Jesse LeRoy  27 Oct 1884Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I15828 Our Ancestors 
27 HAGER, Kathryn Irene  28 Jul 1914Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I16012 Our Ancestors 
28 HAGER, Rhea Phyllis  28 Mar 1921Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I16013 Our Ancestors 
29 HAGER, Verna A  25 Apr 1905Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I16009 Our Ancestors 
30 NESMAN, Alick  18 Dec 1893Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I20747 Our Ancestors 
31 PATTERSON, Cyrina  15 Aug 1869Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14211 Our Ancestors 
32 PATTERSON, Elise Mae  07 Dec 1906Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14355 Our Ancestors 
33 PATTERSON, Ina Ruth  26 Nov 1901Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14354 Our Ancestors 
34 PATTERSON, Jesse LeRoy  22 Sep 1888Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14228 Our Ancestors 
35 PATTERSON, Mary  05 May 1872Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14214 Our Ancestors 
36 PATTERSON, Ruby  08 Mar 1875Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14221 Our Ancestors 
37 PATTERSON, Ruby Alice  09 Nov 1900Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14353 Our Ancestors 
38 RAWSON, Cassie May  23 May 1871Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14263 Our Ancestors 
39 WELLS, Harry A  22 Jul 1891Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14261 Our Ancestors 
40 WELLS, Ina  16 Sep 1895Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14262 Our Ancestors 
41 WELLS, Perry H  10 Sep 1887Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14260 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHATFIELD, Cora E  Sep 1968Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14272 Our Ancestors 
2 CHATFIELD, Peter  30 Aug 1938Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14198 Our Ancestors 
3 FRANK, Claude  Jul 1968Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I29295 Our Ancestors 
4 HAGER, Clair Harmon  17 Apr 2001Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I16011 Our Ancestors 
5 PATTERSON, Cyrina  31 Dec 1872Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14211 Our Ancestors 
6 PATTERSON, Gladys R  15 Aug 1929Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14342 Our Ancestors 
7 PATTERSON, Henry  25 Feb 1939Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14215 Our Ancestors 
8 PATTERSON, Mary  05 Jul 1895Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14214 Our Ancestors 
9 PATTERSON, Ruby Alice  13 Oct 1978Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14353 Our Ancestors 
10 PIFER, Hannah Catherine  22 Apr 1941Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14270 Our Ancestors 
11 VAN BLARCOM, Claude G  13 Jun 2007Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I20964 Our Ancestors 
12 WELLS, Ellen Mary  25 Mar 1921Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14192 Our Ancestors 
13 WELLS, Perry H  Aug 1970Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14260 Our Ancestors 
14 WRIGHT, Alice L  04 Jan 2002Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I20962 Our Ancestors 
15 WRIGHT, DeWayne  09 Sep 1998Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I20910 Our Ancestors 
16 WRIGHT, Ralph O  23 Apr 1969Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I20959 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 FRANK, Claude  03 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I29295 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 AMES, Alva Don  20 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I20905 Our Ancestors 
2 BALE, Charles William  10 Jun 1880Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14236 Our Ancestors 
3 BALE, Grace Ellen  08 Jun 1900Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14241 Our Ancestors 
4 BALE, Grace Ellen  05 Jan 1920Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14241 Our Ancestors 
5 BALE, Joseph Abram  10 Jun 1880Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14231 Our Ancestors 
6 BALE, Roy Henry  10 Jun 1880Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14240 Our Ancestors 
7 BALE, Roy Henry  20 Jun 1900Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14240 Our Ancestors 
8 BALE, Stanley Roy  20 Jun 1900Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14292 Our Ancestors 
9 BALLOU, LuLu Estella  17 Jan 1920Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14287 Our Ancestors 
10 CAREY, Clifford C  15 Apr 1930Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14392 Our Ancestors 
11 CAREY, Clifford C  19 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14392 Our Ancestors 
12 CAREY, George J  05 Jan 1920Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14363 Our Ancestors 
13 CAREY, Kenneth Wayne  05 Jan 1920Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14369 Our Ancestors 
14 CAREY, Kenneth Wayne  15 Apr 1930Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14369 Our Ancestors 
15 CAREY, Kenneth Wayne  19 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14369 Our Ancestors 
16 CAREY, Laurence Ruthford  05 Jan 1920Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14364 Our Ancestors 
17 CAREY, Leroy Dale  05 Jan 1920Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14366 Our Ancestors 
18 CAREY, Leroy Dale  15 Apr 1930Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14366 Our Ancestors 
19 CAREY, Lyle Henry  15 Apr 1930Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14367 Our Ancestors 
20 CAREY, Mildred E  05 Jan 1920Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14365 Our Ancestors 
21 CAREY, Mildred E  15 Apr 1930Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14365 Our Ancestors 
22 CAREY, Mildred E  03 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14365 Our Ancestors 
23 CAREY, Opal V  05 Jan 1920Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14362 Our Ancestors 
24 CAREY, Opal V  09 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14362 Our Ancestors 
25 CAREY, Raymond E  05 Jan 1920Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14368 Our Ancestors 
26 CAREY, Raymond E  15 Apr 1930Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14368 Our Ancestors 
27 CAREY, Willard Henry  08 Jun 1900Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14242 Our Ancestors 
28 CAREY, Willard Henry  05 Jan 1920Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14242 Our Ancestors 
29 CAREY, Willard Henry  15 Apr 1930Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14242 Our Ancestors 
30 CAREY, Willard Henry  19 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14242 Our Ancestors 
31 CHATFIELD, Cora E  16 Apr 1910Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14272 Our Ancestors 
32 CHATFIELD, Cora E  24 Jan 1920Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14272 Our Ancestors 
33 CHATFIELD, Cora E  02 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14272 Our Ancestors 
34 CHATFIELD, Eli Elwood  11 Apr 1930Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14274 Our Ancestors 
35 CHATFIELD, Glycie Eloise  29 Jun 1900Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14273 Our Ancestors 
36 COOK, Arthur Lacy  17 Jan 1920Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14341 Our Ancestors 
37 COOK, Bertha Mae  02 May 1930Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14340 Our Ancestors 
38 COOK, Floyd Wilber  17 Jan 1920Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14403 Our Ancestors 
39 COOK, Frank E  10 Apr 1930Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14213 Our Ancestors 
40 COOK, Frank E  11 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14213 Our Ancestors 
41 DANCER, Thomas D  02 Apr 1930Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14413 Our Ancestors 
42 DANCER, Thomas D  02 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14413 Our Ancestors 
43 DOWNING, Alice Katherine  20 Jun 1900Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I14291 Our Ancestors 
44 DUNBAR, Harold M  09 May 1910Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I15995 Our Ancestors 
45 DUNBAR, Laurence Edward  09 May 1910Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I15996 Our Ancestors 
46 FAST, Kendall M  09 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I29147 Our Ancestors 
47 FAST, Shirley Jack  09 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I29146 Our Ancestors 
48 FAST, Shirley Jack Jr.  09 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I29148 Our Ancestors 
49 FOWLER, Cora A  09 May 1910Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I15814 Our Ancestors 
50 FRANK, Gary Lee  03 Apr 1940Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA I29301 Our Ancestors 

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Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BALE / DOWNING  24 Nov 1897Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA F4709 Our Ancestors 
2 BYRD / BALE  Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA F4690 Our Ancestors 
3 CAREY / BALE  22 Feb 1900Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA F4684 Our Ancestors 
4 COOK / PATTERSON  13 Nov 1892Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA F4671 Our Ancestors 
5 DUNBAR / FOWLER  22 Apr 1904Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA F4938 Our Ancestors 
6 ROWLEY / PATTERSON  29 Jan 1896Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA F4675 Our Ancestors 
7 WATKINS / PATTERSON  20 Aug 1902Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA F4677 Our Ancestors 
8 WELLMAN / COOK  18 Nov 1915Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA F4734 Our Ancestors 
9 WELLS / KING  29 Nov 1911Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA F4718 Our Ancestors 
10 WELLS / RAWSON  13 Oct 1890Vermontville,Eaton County,Michigan,USA F4696 Our Ancestors 
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