Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA


Tree: Our Ancestors
Latitude: 43.048054, Longitude: -76.147224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARNOLD, Wilbur Le Roy  16 Mar 1898Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I20082 Our Ancestors 
2 BERGMAN, Lawrence H  21 Nov 1928Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16415 Our Ancestors 
3 BILLINGS, Thomasine Mary  18 Sep 1939Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I23424 Our Ancestors 
4 BUTMAN, Sandra Jo  23 Oct 1956Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I35122592 Our Ancestors 
5 CARR, Edmund G  10 Mar 1926Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I23220 Our Ancestors 
6 COLLINS, Robert Dean  31 May 1956Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I19304 Our Ancestors 
7 DAVENPORT, Richard Albert  15 Jun 1923Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I35175266 Our Ancestors 
8 DEMPSTER, Clarence Jerome  12 Dec 1931Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I53558147 Our Ancestors 
9 DEMPSTER, Donald Harry  27 Dec 1927Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I75410016 Our Ancestors 
10 DEMPSTER, Frank John  16 Jun 1956Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I90644206 Our Ancestors 
11 DODGE, Shirley May  05 Mar 1945Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I12998 Our Ancestors 
12 DREW, Olive Buell  19 May 1846Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I19692 Our Ancestors 
13 FRIEND, Ethel G  02 Sep 1936Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I27485 Our Ancestors 
14 FRIEND, Louis E  02 Oct 1911Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I15380 Our Ancestors 
15 GOFF, William John  07 Sep 1919Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I91231626 Our Ancestors 
16 GOODRICH, Foster Allen  21 Jun 1938Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I25829 Our Ancestors 
17 GREENWOOD, Mae Arlene  25 Dec 1924Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16427 Our Ancestors 
18 HANCE, James Gerald  31 Oct 1940Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24331 Our Ancestors 
19 HARDING, Frederick Ralph  05 Dec 1895Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30222 Our Ancestors 
20 HASKINS, Charles Webb  30 Dec 1906Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I75562602 Our Ancestors 
21 HAWKINS, Edwin G  07 Mar 1924Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30215 Our Ancestors 
22 JOHNSON, Stillman Eugene  22 Aug 1927Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24405 Our Ancestors 
23 JONES, Alice Bernadine  09 Oct 1917Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I7013610 Our Ancestors 
24 KLASSI, Edwin Frederick  12 Sep 1918Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24044 Our Ancestors 
25 KOESTER, Ruth Irene  16 Sep 1914Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I20083 Our Ancestors 
26 LAMPHEAR, Bruce Raymond  03 Mar 1945Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24617 Our Ancestors 
27 LEMKE, Raymond A  07 Apr 1914Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I23421 Our Ancestors 
28 LINCOLN, Frederick Montgomery  08 Nov 1881Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16359 Our Ancestors 
29 MACARTHUR, Beverly M  02 Jun 1935Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I22805 Our Ancestors 
30 MCCLENTHAN, Thomas G.  10 May 1934Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I20089 Our Ancestors 
31 MCGOWAN, Gertrude  11 Apr 1904Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I28047 Our Ancestors 
32 MERCURIO, Robert Michael  18 Apr 1939Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I72 Our Ancestors 
33 MULLEN, Helen G  Abt 1914Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16400 Our Ancestors 
34 NORTON, Viola Bessie  08 Sep 1927Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16411 Our Ancestors 
35 PARLIN, Harry  09 Mar 1925Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I23586 Our Ancestors 
36 RUEL, Harold George  09 Jun 1937Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I22840 Our Ancestors 
37 SEEBER, Claude Frederick  22 Sep 1925Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I109 Our Ancestors 
38 SIEGEL, Frederick Raymond  01 Jun 1924Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16181 Our Ancestors 
39 SUNDERLIN, Phebe  10 May 1825Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I19687 Our Ancestors 
40 THOMAS, Russell E  17 Dec 1959Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24473 Our Ancestors 
41 VAN DUSSN, Lucy Orminda  29 May 1829Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I12892 Our Ancestors 
42 VIBBERT, Helen Ruth  21 Jul 1931Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16436 Our Ancestors 
43 VIBBERT, John Sheedy  23 Sep 1941Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16438 Our Ancestors 
44 VIBBERT, Leona Marion  15 Apr 1907Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I13367 Our Ancestors 
45 VIBBERT, Lyman W  21 Nov 1913Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16406 Our Ancestors 
46 VIBBERT, Stephen Rensaeller  26 Dec 1904Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I13366 Our Ancestors 
47 WALSH, Katherine  Abt 1917Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I23583 Our Ancestors 
48 WERDEN, Eliza Arabel  13 Mar 1849Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I25955 Our Ancestors 
49 WEST, Kathleen B  27 Aug 1929Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24618 Our Ancestors 
50 WISNER, Wendy E  30 Jul 1962Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24423 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDREWS, Charles Leslie  13 Mar 1988Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I214 Our Ancestors 
2 AUSTIN, Alfred Charles  14 Feb 1973Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I49 Our Ancestors 
3 AUSTIN, Laura Mae  26 Apr 1991Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I50 Our Ancestors 
4 AUSTIN, Lyle William  11 Jan 1977Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I51 Our Ancestors 
5 BALDWIN, Nita Leora  06 Jan 1935Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16190 Our Ancestors 
6 BARRIGER, Norman Andrew  04 Jan 2000Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24640 Our Ancestors 
7 BENNETT, Alice L  01 Oct 1999Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I15403 Our Ancestors 
8 BENNETT, Ruth  05 Mar 2000Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24583 Our Ancestors 
9 BERGMAN, Harvey William  16 Nov 1945Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16412 Our Ancestors 
10 BERGMAN, Lawrence H  08 Jun 2000Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16415 Our Ancestors 
11 BILLINGS, Thomasine Mary  14 Jul 1978Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I23424 Our Ancestors 
12 BISBO, Doris R  25 Jan 1989Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I22935 Our Ancestors 
13 BIXBY, Abel Whalen  Abt 1867Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I2562 Our Ancestors 
14 BLY, Lavina  11 Jul 1903Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I15287 Our Ancestors 
15 BRIDENBECKER, Elizabeth  20 Dec 1977Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I20184 Our Ancestors 
16 BRIDENBECKER, Herman  13 Apr 1935Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I19650 Our Ancestors 
17 BRIDENBECKER, Lillian Marrilla  20 Aug 1935Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I20182 Our Ancestors 
18 BROWN, Clifford F  30 Jan 1982Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I12923 Our Ancestors 
19 BROWN, Rebecca A  30 Dec 1999Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I12924 Our Ancestors 
20 BUTLER, Rowland Smith  05 Nov 1984Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24455 Our Ancestors 
21 BUTTERFIELD, William  11 Jan 1869Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I6404 Our Ancestors 
22 CARR, Edmund G  07 Jun 1996Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I23220 Our Ancestors 
23 CHANTLER, Oakley J  09 Jan 1989Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I22798 Our Ancestors 
24 CLEVELAND, Alta F  12 Feb 1933Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I20516 Our Ancestors 
25 COLLINS, Carl Adelbert  08 Jun 1996Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I19302 Our Ancestors 
26 CORDELL, Glen  24 Nov 1991Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24515 Our Ancestors 
27 COYER, Vivian Ida  09 Sep 1962Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24387 Our Ancestors 
28 DANIELS, Herbert Alfred  06 Mar 2010Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24493 Our Ancestors 
29 DAVIS, Cora A.  08 Dec 1927Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I12995 Our Ancestors 
30 DAY, Dorothy  17 Dec 1985Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I20088 Our Ancestors 
31 DEMPSTER, Donald Harry  05 Oct 2007Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I75410016 Our Ancestors 
32 DEMPSTER, Duane D  13 Nov 2008Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I69085350 Our Ancestors 
33 DEMPSTER, Frank John  15 Apr 2003Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I90644206 Our Ancestors 
34 DEMPSTER, Harry Wallace  03 Dec 1963Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I18427 Our Ancestors 
35 DODGE, Donna Louise  16 May 1958Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I12997 Our Ancestors 
36 DODGE, Shirley May  15 Sep 1967Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I12998 Our Ancestors 
37 DRENNAN, Thomas C  13 Dec 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I28040 Our Ancestors 
38 DUFFY, Gaynard Carl  25 Apr 2000Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I15445 Our Ancestors 
39 DUPREE, Mary B  25 Jan 1995Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I22875 Our Ancestors 
40 FAIRCHILD, Betty A  21 Apr 1994Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24521 Our Ancestors 
41 FERDINAND, Frank Pierce  10 Aug 1943Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I13014 Our Ancestors 
42 FOGARTY, Winifred  25 Feb 1979Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16385 Our Ancestors 
43 FREY, James  12 Mar 1938Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I26520 Our Ancestors 
44 FRIEND, Louis E  19 Dec 1978Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I15380 Our Ancestors 
45 FUNDA, Elizabeth Ann  02 Dec 1933Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I13930 Our Ancestors 
46 GIVEN, Jean P  08 Dec 2012Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30220 Our Ancestors 
47 GOFF, William John  25 May 1995Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I91231626 Our Ancestors 
48 GREEN, Janet Audrey  05 Dec 1992Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I31811 Our Ancestors 
49 HARDING, Frederick Ralph  04 Sep 1978Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30222 Our Ancestors 
50 HARRINGTON, Dawn May  17 Mar 1993Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I22866 Our Ancestors 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 SALISBURY, Emory  Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I12427 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Albert  12 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I23123 Our Ancestors 
2 ANDREWS, Charles Leslie  08 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I214 Our Ancestors 
3 BALDWIN, Dorothy Julia  09 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16199 Our Ancestors 
4 BALDWIN, Dorris Charlotte  09 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16200 Our Ancestors 
5 BALDWIN, Eden Deforest  09 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I13098 Our Ancestors 
6 BALDWIN, Eleanor Elaine  09 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16203 Our Ancestors 
7 BALDWIN, Gloria Madelaine  09 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16197 Our Ancestors 
8 BENTLEY, William Gordon  16 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I18524 Our Ancestors 
9 BERGMAN, Harvey Frank  16 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16413 Our Ancestors 
10 BERGMAN, Harvey William  16 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16412 Our Ancestors 
11 BERGMAN, Lawrence H  16 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16415 Our Ancestors 
12 BEST, Mildred  06 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I24160 Our Ancestors 
13 BRIDENBECKER, Elizabeth  08 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I20184 Our Ancestors 
14 BRIDENBECKER, Elizabeth  12 Apr 1940Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I20184 Our Ancestors 
15 BRIDENBECKER, Lillian Marrilla  05 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I20182 Our Ancestors 
16 BROWN, Alvin Lester  05 Apr 1940Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I601 Our Ancestors 
17 CAMPBELL, Viola  16 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I18525 Our Ancestors 
18 CHURCHILL, Marion A  02 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I28226 Our Ancestors 
19 DRENNAN, Mary Francis  05 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I28043 Our Ancestors 
20 DRENNAN, Thomas C  05 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I28040 Our Ancestors 
21 FOGARTY, Winifred  03 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16385 Our Ancestors 
22 FUNDA, Elizabeth Ann  02 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I13930 Our Ancestors 
23 GREEN, Arlow F  07 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I13142 Our Ancestors 
24 GREEN, Ethel M  07 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I13141 Our Ancestors 
25 HALPIN, Dorothy  02 Apr 1940Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16384 Our Ancestors 
26 HARDING, Frederick Ralph  13 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30222 Our Ancestors 
27 HARDING, Frederick Ralph  05 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30222 Our Ancestors 
28 HARDING, Frederick Ralph  15 Apr 1940Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30222 Our Ancestors 
29 HARRIS, Iva Belle  07 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30214 Our Ancestors 
30 HARRIS, Iva Belle  11 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30214 Our Ancestors 
31 HARRIS, Iva Belle  15 Apr 1940Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30214 Our Ancestors 
32 HAWKINS, Anna M  13 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30213 Our Ancestors 
33 HAWKINS, Donna Mae  11 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30216 Our Ancestors 
34 HAWKINS, Donna Mae  15 Apr 1940Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30216 Our Ancestors 
35 HAWKINS, Edwin G  11 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30215 Our Ancestors 
36 HAWKINS, Edwin G  15 Apr 1940Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30215 Our Ancestors 
37 HAWKINS, Harold Nathaniel  07 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30210 Our Ancestors 
38 HAWKINS, Harold Nathaniel  11 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30210 Our Ancestors 
39 HAWKINS, Harold Nathaniel  15 Apr 1940Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30210 Our Ancestors 
40 HAWKINS, Mary Elizabeth  13 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30212 Our Ancestors 
41 HAWKINS, Mary Elizabeth  05 Apr 1930Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30212 Our Ancestors 
42 HAWKINS, Mary Elizabeth  15 Apr 1940Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I30212 Our Ancestors 
43 HILL, David A  02 Jun 1900Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16357 Our Ancestors 
44 HILL, David A  11 Apr 1910Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16357 Our Ancestors 
45 HILL, David A  02 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16357 Our Ancestors 
46 HILL, Eva Agnes  02 Jun 1900Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16358 Our Ancestors 
47 HILL, Eva Agnes  11 Apr 1910Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I16358 Our Ancestors 
48 HODGE, Eliza Lucretia  12 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I13192 Our Ancestors 
49 HODGE, Wealthy Jane  14 Jun 1860Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I586 Our Ancestors 
50 HODGE, Wealthy Jane  03 Jan 1920Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA I586 Our Ancestors 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CLEVELAND / COOK  30 Oct 1862Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F565 Our Ancestors 
2 CLEVELAND / UNKNOWN  17 Nov 1898Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F597 Our Ancestors 
3 CLEVELAND / UNKNOWN  01 Nov 1924Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F10015 Our Ancestors 
4 COMINS / CLEVELAND  26 Apr 1897Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F9214 Our Ancestors 
5 DRENNAN / BRIDENBECKER  14 Mar 1916Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F9499 Our Ancestors 
6 KOCIUBA / VAN EPPS  11 Apr 1953Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F71 Our Ancestors 
7 KUEHNEMAN / BRIDENBECKER  21 Feb 1922Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F9500 Our Ancestors 
8 LINCOLN / HILL  23 Apr 1908Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F5158 Our Ancestors 
9 LORAN / TABER  04 Sep 1976Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F7746 Our Ancestors 
10 PICKARD / BALDWIN  04 Nov 1939Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F8121 Our Ancestors 
11 SIEGEL / BALDWIN  16 Oct 1948Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F5079 Our Ancestors 
12 TABER / HODGE  04 Jul 1855Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F4342 Our Ancestors 
13 VIBBERT / DAVIS  04 Sep 1906Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F4288 Our Ancestors 
14 VIBBERT / MULLEN  06 Jun 1942Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F5172 Our Ancestors 
15 VIBBERT / WHEELER  24 Nov 1904Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F5174 Our Ancestors 
16 VIBBERT / WILSON  24 Sep 1934Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F5178 Our Ancestors 
17 WILSON / BABCOCK  Abt 1952Syracuse,Onondaga County,New York,USA F8842 Our Ancestors 
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