Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA


Tree: Our Ancestors
Latitude: 36.331944, Longitude: -94.118332


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARMSTRONG, Elijah Lige  26 Jan 1889Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26406 Our Ancestors 
2 CHASTAIN, Ernest Lewis  18 Apr 1892Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26444 Our Ancestors 
3 CHASTAIN, James Sidney  28 Nov 1938Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I28579 Our Ancestors 
4 CHASTAIN, Walter B  06 Mar 1894Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26445 Our Ancestors 
5 MCCLAIN, Alice Belle  22 Mar 1902Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26401 Our Ancestors 
6 MCCLAIN, Grace Etta  03 Aug 1891Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26398 Our Ancestors 
7 MCCLAIN, James Chester  06 Mar 1889Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26399 Our Ancestors 
8 MCCLAIN, Jay Elmer  05 Nov 1886Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26400 Our Ancestors 
9 PHILLIPS, Virginia Laura  29 Jun 1892Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26451 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLAINE, Benjamin Brainard  20 Sep 1924Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26379 Our Ancestors 
2 BLAINE, George Walter  01 Dec 1893Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26377 Our Ancestors 
3 BLAINE, George Washington  22 Sep 1908Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I8449 Our Ancestors 
4 BLAINE, Jessie May  03 Mar 1919Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26376 Our Ancestors 
5 BLAINE, William Warren  27 Mar 1907Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26380 Our Ancestors 
6 CHASTAIN, Gladys Helen  16 Jun 1992Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26446 Our Ancestors 
7 CHASTAIN, John Quincy  Abt 1953Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26388 Our Ancestors 
8 CHASTAIN, Sidney  08 Aug 1993Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26450 Our Ancestors 
9 HOLMES, Erin Alene  May 1985Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I28578 Our Ancestors 
10 HOOKER, Ernest C  08 Jun 1972Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26407 Our Ancestors 
11 HOOKER, Paul E  26 Mar 1999Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26418 Our Ancestors 
12 MCCORMICK, Virgil Ray  04 Apr 1973Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26438 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLAINE, Edna Belle  18 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26475 Our Ancestors 
2 BLAINE, Jennie Kate  05 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26322 Our Ancestors 
3 BLAINE, Jennie Kate  11 Apr 1940Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26322 Our Ancestors 
4 BLAINE, Jessie Elizabeth  18 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26476 Our Ancestors 
5 BLAINE, Minnie Viola  18 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26321 Our Ancestors 
6 CLEVELAND, Harriet Cornelia  05 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I8448 Our Ancestors 
7 DEASON, Cassel Vinton  18 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I28602 Our Ancestors 
8 DEASON, Morris Vinton  18 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I28603 Our Ancestors 
9 DEASON, William Cassel  18 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I28604 Our Ancestors 
10 ENGLISH, Evelyn O  02 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I27446 Our Ancestors 
11 LUTZ, Leonard Vernon  02 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26382 Our Ancestors 
12 LUTZ, Louis B  05 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26381 Our Ancestors 
13 LUTZ, Louis B  11 Apr 1940Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26381 Our Ancestors 
14 MCCLAIN, Benjamin A  18 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26403 Our Ancestors 
15 MCCLAIN, Hazel Maxine  18 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26402 Our Ancestors 
16 MCCLAIN, James Preston  18 Apr 1930Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA I26386 Our Ancestors 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CHASTAIN / BLAINE  07 Jul 1889Rogers,Benton County,Arkansas,USA F8875 Our Ancestors 
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