Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA


Tree: Our Ancestors
Latitude: 42.241943, Longitude: -75.377502


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLEVELAND, Carrie Linda  01 Jul 1856Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I608 Our Ancestors 
2 CLEVELAND, Charles Benson  04 Feb 1845Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I454 Our Ancestors 
3 CLEVELAND, Charles Wesley  01 Aug 1827Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I2669 Our Ancestors 
4 CLEVELAND, Chauncey  25 Nov 1826Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I298 Our Ancestors 
5 CLEVELAND, Clarissa Amelia  07 Apr 1831Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I564 Our Ancestors 
6 CLEVELAND, Daughter  03 Feb 1819Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I2666 Our Ancestors 
7 CLEVELAND, Elizabeth  25 Aug 1821Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I297 Our Ancestors 
8 CLEVELAND, Emeline  07 Jun 1833Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I305 Our Ancestors 
9 CLEVELAND, Emerson John  07 Jul 1856Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I467 Our Ancestors 
10 CLEVELAND, Fanny Maria  07 Jun 1823Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I303 Our Ancestors 
11 CLEVELAND, Festus Portius  12 Jul 1817Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I554 Our Ancestors 
12 CLEVELAND, Festus Wandby  19 Nov 1849Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I458 Our Ancestors 
13 CLEVELAND, Harriet Maria  04 Jul 1825Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I313 Our Ancestors 
14 CLEVELAND, Harriet Olive  10 Mar 1834Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I358 Our Ancestors 
15 CLEVELAND, James Porter  24 Mar 1837Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I306 Our Ancestors 
16 CLEVELAND, Jane Ann  20 Jun 1830Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I316 Our Ancestors 
17 CLEVELAND, Jerusha  13 Feb 1819Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I296 Our Ancestors 
18 CLEVELAND, John Emery  04 Aug 1829Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I562 Our Ancestors 
19 CLEVELAND, John Fletcher  17 May 1825Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I302 Our Ancestors 
20 CLEVELAND, Josiah Francis  18 Jun 1847Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I455 Our Ancestors 
21 CLEVELAND, Josiah Judson  18 Jul 1822Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I558 Our Ancestors 
22 CLEVELAND, Lemuel  19 Mar 1826Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I2667 Our Ancestors 
23 CLEVELAND, Lorenzo Dow  11 Sep 1817Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I286 Our Ancestors 
24 CLEVELAND, Lucy Ann  21 Jul 1824Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I560 Our Ancestors 
25 CLEVELAND, Lucy Jane  28 Jun 1843Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I453 Our Ancestors 
26 CLEVELAND, Martin Baker  15 Mar 1834Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I566 Our Ancestors 
27 CLEVELAND, Mary Adeline  14 Oct 1814Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I251 Our Ancestors 
28 CLEVELAND, Mary Amanda  12 Oct 1839Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I284 Our Ancestors 
29 CLEVELAND, Mary Ann  14 Jan 1820Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I301 Our Ancestors 
30 CLEVELAND, Mary Emaline  13 Mar 1828Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I314 Our Ancestors 
31 CLEVELAND, Morgan Ruger  03 Apr 1835Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I300 Our Ancestors 
32 CLEVELAND, Moses Lyon  01 Jul 1831Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I357 Our Ancestors 
33 CLEVELAND, Percis Melissa  23 Jan 1831Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I299 Our Ancestors 
34 CLEVELAND, Perlina Lucretia  08 Feb 1833Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I2670 Our Ancestors 
35 CLEVELAND, Ruth Cornelia  16 Sep 1841Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I312 Our Ancestors 
36 CLEVELAND, Sally Adaline  12 Oct 1828Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I304 Our Ancestors 
37 CLEVELAND, Shepard Agard  07 Aug 1839Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I311 Our Ancestors 
38 CLEVELAND, Thebe Isabella  02 Jan 1853Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I459 Our Ancestors 
39 CLEVELAND, Theodotia  22 Mar 1829Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I315 Our Ancestors 
40 CLEVELAND, Watson Asbury  04 Jan 1837Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I283 Our Ancestors 
41 CLEVELAND, William Bryan  21 Sep 1820Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I555 Our Ancestors 
42 GRISWOLD, Mary Francis  20 Aug 1857Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I1340 Our Ancestors 
43 GRISWOLD, Sarah Silma  13 Oct 1859Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I1341 Our Ancestors 
44 MATTESON, Adde  Abt 1862Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I12385 Our Ancestors 
45 METCALF, Harriet Eveline  14 Aug 1830Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I567 Our Ancestors 
46 SMITH, Calista Ohilinda  04 Aug 1850Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I1332 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLEVELAND, Angeline  02 Jun 1856Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I550 Our Ancestors 
2 CLEVELAND, Jerusha  13 Feb 1819Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I296 Our Ancestors 
3 CLEVELAND, Josiah Douglas  29 Nov 1851Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I539 Our Ancestors 
4 CLEVELAND, Lemuel  19 Sep 1826Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I2667 Our Ancestors 
5 CLEVELAND, Mary Emaline  10 Aug 1828Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I314 Our Ancestors 
6 CLEVELAND, Perlina Lucretia  02 Mar 1833Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I2670 Our Ancestors 
7 CLEVELAND, Theodotia  22 Mar 1829Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I315 Our Ancestors 
8 SMITH, Calista Ohilinda  20 Feb 1870Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA I1332 Our Ancestors 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CLEVELAND / ARIS  24 Jun 1838Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA F266 Our Ancestors 
2 CLEVELAND / COTTON  29 Dec 1816Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA F238 Our Ancestors 
3 CLEVELAND / WINCHELL  30 Jun 1836Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA F97 Our Ancestors 
4 PARRISH / CLEVELAND  04 Jul 1860Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA F252 Our Ancestors 
5 WILBUR / CLEVELAND  04 Jul 1843Masonville,Deleware County,New York,USA F247 Our Ancestors 
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