Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA


Tree: Our Ancestors
Latitude: 43.041668, Longitude: -75.739166


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADLE, Conrad  1801Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I12837 Our Ancestors 
2 BENNETT, Shirley Gean  27 May 1933Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I24401 Our Ancestors 
3 BURLESON, Karl W  05 Jun 1922Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I24557 Our Ancestors 
4 CORDELL, Glen  17 Aug 1904Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I24515 Our Ancestors 
5 COX, Harry  07 Nov 1908Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I105 Our Ancestors 
6 COX, Helen M  10 Jan 1922Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I93 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CARY, Elizabeth A  30 Nov 1918Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I598 Our Ancestors 
2 COX, Henry John  20 Jul 1923Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I96 Our Ancestors 
3 HALL, Betty  24 Feb 1918Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I102 Our Ancestors 
4 HODGE, Libbie Belle  22 Sep 1913Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I12986 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 AUSTIN, Minnie Belle  26 Jan 1920Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I46 Our Ancestors 
2 AUSTIN, Minnie Belle  03 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I46 Our Ancestors 
3 AUSTIN, Minnie Belle  07 Apr 1940Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I46 Our Ancestors 
4 BALDWIN, Deforest Eden  22 Apr 1910Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I13115 Our Ancestors 
5 BALDWIN, Dorothy Julia  09 Apr 1940Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I16199 Our Ancestors 
6 BALDWIN, Eden Deforest  22 Apr 1910Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I13098 Our Ancestors 
7 BENNETT, Shirley Gean  07 Apr 1940Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I24401 Our Ancestors 
8 BENNETT, William Henry  07 Apr 1940Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I15400 Our Ancestors 
9 BETSINGER, Hiram H.  08 Jan 1920Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I13169 Our Ancestors 
10 BROWN, Alvin L  05 May 1910Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I12920 Our Ancestors 
11 CHAIRES, Bertha Mae  04 May 1910Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I13628 Our Ancestors 
12 CHAIRES, Bertha Mae  14 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I13628 Our Ancestors 
13 CHAIRES, Bertha Mae  04 Apr 1940Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I13628 Our Ancestors 
14 COON, Carrie  20 Jun 1900Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I224 Our Ancestors 
15 CORDELL, Glen  05 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I24515 Our Ancestors 
16 CORDELL, Robert G  05 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I24516 Our Ancestors 
17 COX, Asa C  26 Jan 1920Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I85 Our Ancestors 
18 COX, Asa C  03 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I85 Our Ancestors 
19 COX, Asa C  07 Apr 1940Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I85 Our Ancestors 
20 COX, Clinton Asa  26 Jan 1920Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I86 Our Ancestors 
21 COX, Elizabeth L  26 Jan 1920Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I91 Our Ancestors 
22 COX, Elizabeth L  03 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I91 Our Ancestors 
23 COX, Helen M  03 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I93 Our Ancestors 
24 COX, Kenneth Austin  26 Jan 1920Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I90 Our Ancestors 
25 COX, Leta Almeda  26 Jan 1920Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I89 Our Ancestors 
26 COX, Leta Almeda  03 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I89 Our Ancestors 
27 COX, Leta Almeda  07 Apr 1940Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I89 Our Ancestors 
28 COX, Ruth  12 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I88 Our Ancestors 
29 DUFFY, Bernard Earl  03 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I15446 Our Ancestors 
30 DUFFY, Fay Avery  03 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I15447 Our Ancestors 
31 DUFFY, Gaynard Carl  03 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I15445 Our Ancestors 
32 DUFFY, Gaynard Carl  07 Apr 1940Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I15445 Our Ancestors 
33 DUFFY, Hazel Elizabeth  26 Jan 1920Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I15433 Our Ancestors 
34 DUFFY, Milton Earl  03 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I15432 Our Ancestors 
35 DUFFY, Milton Earl  07 Apr 1940Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I15432 Our Ancestors 
36 DUNHAM, Dora L.  05 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I13982 Our Ancestors 
37 EMHOF, Bertha E  03 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I15444 Our Ancestors 
38 EMHOF, Bertha E  07 Apr 1940Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I15444 Our Ancestors 
39 ENNIS, George D  12 Jun 1900Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I13052 Our Ancestors 
40 FRIEND, Ethel G  09 Apr 1940Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I27485 Our Ancestors 
41 FRIEND, Frank  09 Apr 1940Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I27483 Our Ancestors 
42 GORDON, Addison P  12 Jun 1900Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I13342 Our Ancestors 
43 GORDON, Adison P  18 Jun 1900Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I2597 Our Ancestors 
44 GORDON, Adison P  04 May 1910Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I2597 Our Ancestors 
45 HODGE, Libbie Belle  22 Apr 1910Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I12986 Our Ancestors 
46 JONES, Gerald Owen  07 Apr 1940Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I15402 Our Ancestors 
47 MORSE, Claude Ivan  26 Jan 1920Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I15456 Our Ancestors 
48 PHILLIPS, Charles Fredrick  04 May 1910Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I13490 Our Ancestors 
49 PHILLIPS, Charles Fredrick  14 Apr 1930Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I13490 Our Ancestors 
50 PHILLIPS, Dorothy  04 May 1910Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA I13629 Our Ancestors 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 RELYEA / PHILLIPS  03 Nov 1928Lincoln,Madison County,New York,USA F8136 Our Ancestors 
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