Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA


Tree: Our Ancestors
Latitude: 41.064724, Longitude: -72.426109


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLEVELAND, Abigail  Abt 17 Mar 1728Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I999 Our Ancestors 
2 CLEVELAND, Abigail  17 Apr 1762Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2350 Our Ancestors 
3 CLEVELAND, Anna  23 Dec 1717Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I994 Our Ancestors 
4 CLEVELAND, Anna  19 Sep 1770Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2353 Our Ancestors 
5 CLEVELAND, Benjamin Norton  10 Jun 1736Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I1000 Our Ancestors 
6 CLEVELAND, Benjamin Norton  10 Aug 1767Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2352 Our Ancestors 
7 CLEVELAND, Catharine  03 Mar 1827Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8224 Our Ancestors 
8 CLEVELAND, Henry Conklin  23 Jul 1829Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8225 Our Ancestors 
9 CLEVELAND, Ichabod  25 Jun 1695Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I442 Our Ancestors 
10 CLEVELAND, Ichabod  Abt 19 Feb 1738Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I1001 Our Ancestors 
11 CLEVELAND, John Demarest  04 Aug 1845Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8230 Our Ancestors 
12 CLEVELAND, Joseph  27 Jun 1728Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I998 Our Ancestors 
13 CLEVELAND, Joseph  24 May 1754Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2346 Our Ancestors 
14 CLEVELAND, Joseph  07 Oct 1759Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2349 Our Ancestors 
15 CLEVELAND, Joseph  02 Mar 1803Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I3123 Our Ancestors 
16 CLEVELAND, Joseph Benjamin  27 Nov 1838Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8228 Our Ancestors 
17 CLEVELAND, Lazarus  29 Dec 1764Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2351 Our Ancestors 
18 CLEVELAND, Mary  22 Jun 1731Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2223 Our Ancestors 
19 CLEVELAND, Mary  29 May 1752Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2343 Our Ancestors 
20 CLEVELAND, Mary Zilpha  26 Oct 1842Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8229 Our Ancestors 
21 CLEVELAND, Mehitabel  16 Jan 1757Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2347 Our Ancestors 
22 CLEVELAND, Mehitable  26 Nov 1724Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I995 Our Ancestors 
23 CLEVELAND, Moses  06 Dec 1770Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2363 Our Ancestors 
24 CLEVELAND, Moses  17 Feb 1825Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8223 Our Ancestors 
25 CLEVELAND, Moses Conklin  04 Jul 1795Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I3120 Our Ancestors 
26 CLEVELAND, Nathaniel Hubbard  17 Jun 1834Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8211 Our Ancestors 
27 CLEVELAND, Parnel  Apr 1799Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I3122 Our Ancestors 
28 CLEVELAND, Parnell  10 Oct 1833Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8227 Our Ancestors 
29 CLEVELAND, Sarah Hubbard  21 Oct 1831Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8226 Our Ancestors 
30 CLEVELAND, William Henry  09 Jan 1797Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I3121 Our Ancestors 
31 CONKLIN, Parnel  16 Feb 1772Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I3119 Our Ancestors 
32 COREY, Anna  1732Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2362 Our Ancestors 
33 FITZ YOUNG, John  1745Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8361 Our Ancestors 
34 GARDINER, Mary  31 Aug 1770Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I3002 Our Ancestors 
35 GRAVES, Hubbard  19 Dec 1782Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8482 Our Ancestors 
36 GRAVES, Mabel  01 Jan 1781Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8481 Our Ancestors 
37 GRAVES, Mary  26 Aug 1785Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8485 Our Ancestors 
38 GRAVES, Oliver  1784Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8484 Our Ancestors 
39 JENNINGS, Ellen Elizabeth  09 Dec 1833Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I7818 Our Ancestors 
40 JENNINGS, Sarah Josephine  27 Aug 1830Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I7817 Our Ancestors 
41 JENNINGS, Stephen R.  1788Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I7803 Our Ancestors 
42 MOORE, Annie  Abt 05 Mar 1696Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I993 Our Ancestors 
43 TERRY, Mary  1760Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2355 Our Ancestors 
44 TERRY, Uriah  29 Oct 1728Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I1004 Our Ancestors 


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CASE, William  Yes, date unknownSouthold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I1005 Our Ancestors 
2 CLEVELAND, Abigail  Yes, date unknownSouthold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I999 Our Ancestors 
3 CLEVELAND, Abigail  24 Sep 1805Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2350 Our Ancestors 
4 CLEVELAND, Anna  06 Mar 1838Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2353 Our Ancestors 
5 CLEVELAND, Benjamin  Aft 16 Sep 1776Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I933 Our Ancestors 
6 CLEVELAND, Ichabod  24 Mar 1768Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I442 Our Ancestors 
7 CLEVELAND, Ichabod  07 Oct 1818Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I1001 Our Ancestors 
8 CLEVELAND, Joseph  25 Mar 1756Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2346 Our Ancestors 
9 CLEVELAND, Joseph  13 Nov 1793Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I998 Our Ancestors 
10 CLEVELAND, Joseph  30 Jan 1840Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2349 Our Ancestors 
11 CLEVELAND, Lazarus  05 Mar 1847Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2351 Our Ancestors 
12 CLEVELAND, Mary Zilpha  30 Oct 1865Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8229 Our Ancestors 
13 CLEVELAND, Moses  Bef 03 Oct 1717Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I414 Our Ancestors 
14 CLEVELAND, Moses  14 Nov 1848Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2363 Our Ancestors 
15 CLEVELAND, Moses Conklin  11 Feb 1883Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I3120 Our Ancestors 
16 CLEVELAND, Sarah Hubbard  22 Feb 1899Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8226 Our Ancestors 
17 CONKLIN, Parnel  05 Nov 1857Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I3119 Our Ancestors 
18 COREY, Anna  25 Sep 1805Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2362 Our Ancestors 
19 HORTON, Mary  20 Dec 1806Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I2342 Our Ancestors 
20 HUBBARD, Ency  Sep 1895Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8212 Our Ancestors 
21 HUBBARD, Sarah  03 May 1832Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8209 Our Ancestors 
22 JENNINGS, Ellen Elizabeth  06 May 1875Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I7818 Our Ancestors 
23 JENNINGS, Louisa Antoinette  11 Apr 1875Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I7813 Our Ancestors 
24 JENNINGS, Mary Gardiner  20 Sep 1849Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I7805 Our Ancestors 
25 JENNINGS, Sarah Josephine  24 Mar 1838Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I7817 Our Ancestors 
26 MOORE, Annie  06 May 1785Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I993 Our Ancestors 
27 NORTON, Ruth  1717Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I425 Our Ancestors 
28 TERRY, Uriah  Yes, date unknownSouthold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I1004 Our Ancestors 
29 YOUNG, David  Yes, date unknownSouthold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8368 Our Ancestors 
30 YOUNG, Mehitable  Yes, date unknownSouthold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8372 Our Ancestors 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 YOUNG, Roxanna  Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA I8384 Our Ancestors 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CASE / CLEVELAND  31 Oct 1754Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F478 Our Ancestors 
2 CLEVELAND / CONKLIN  23 Jan 1793Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F1135 Our Ancestors 
3 CLEVELAND / COREY  12 Oct 1769Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F485 Our Ancestors 
4 CLEVELAND / GARDINER  09 Jul 1789Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F1124 Our Ancestors 
5 CLEVELAND / HORTON  Abt 12 Feb 1749Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F481 Our Ancestors 
6 CLEVELAND / HUBBARD  02 Jun 1819Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F1413 Our Ancestors 
7 CLEVELAND / HUBBARD  11 May 1833Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F1414 Our Ancestors 
8 CLEVELAND / MOORE  Abt 18 Feb 1715Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F193 Our Ancestors 
9 GRAVES / CLEVELAND  29 Mar 1780Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F1122 Our Ancestors 
10 HART / CLEVELAND  16 Mar 1754Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F1047 Our Ancestors 
11 HORTON / CLEVELAND  05 Sep 1762Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F480 Our Ancestors 
12 JENNINGS / CLEVELAND  09 Jun 1807Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F1361 Our Ancestors 
13 MOORE / CLEVELAND  14 Jul 1806Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F1126 Our Ancestors 
14 TERRY / CLEVELAND  28 Dec 1748Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F482 Our Ancestors 
15 UNKNOWN / COREY  Abt 1756Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F1134 Our Ancestors 
16 YOUNG / CLEVELAND  19 Dec 1744Southold,Suffolk County,New York,USA F479 Our Ancestors 
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