Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA


Tree: Our Ancestors
Latitude: 43.785000, Longitude: -116.943054


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BALE, George Kaley  11 Nov 1912Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14300 Our Ancestors 
2 BALE, LaDonna Rae  29 Sep 1934Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14329 Our Ancestors 
3 BALE, Mary Nellie  06 Sep 1910Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14306 Our Ancestors 
4 FARLEY, Herbert Everett  15 Apr 1897Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14333 Our Ancestors 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BALE, George Kaley  23 Jan 1913Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14300 Our Ancestors 
2 MONTAGUE, Leo E  08 Dec 2004Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I28221 Our Ancestors 


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 BALE, Alton Charles  17 Feb 1920Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14301 Our Ancestors 
2 BALE, Alton Charles  30 Apr 1940Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14301 Our Ancestors 
3 BALE, Bernard Delmore  21 May 1910Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14295 Our Ancestors 
4 BALE, Bernard Delmore  17 Feb 1920Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14295 Our Ancestors 
5 BALE, Bernard Delmore  30 Apr 1940Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14295 Our Ancestors 
6 BALE, Bertha Beatrice  21 May 1910Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14297 Our Ancestors 
7 BALE, Bertha Beatrice  17 Feb 1920Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14297 Our Ancestors 
8 BALE, Clifford Winton  30 Apr 1940Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14302 Our Ancestors 
9 BALE, Evelyn Cleo  21 May 1910Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14304 Our Ancestors 
10 BALE, Evelyn Cleo  17 Feb 1920Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14304 Our Ancestors 
11 BALE, Grace Edith  21 May 1910Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14293 Our Ancestors 
12 BALE, Grace Edith  17 Feb 1920Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14293 Our Ancestors 
13 BALE, Grace Edith  14 Apr 1930Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14293 Our Ancestors 
14 BALE, Grace Edith  29 Apr 1940Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14293 Our Ancestors 
15 BALE, Letha  21 May 1910Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14299 Our Ancestors 
16 BALE, Letha  17 Feb 1920Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14299 Our Ancestors 
17 BALE, Mary Nellie  17 Feb 1920Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14306 Our Ancestors 
18 BALE, Roy Henry  21 May 1910Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14240 Our Ancestors 
19 BALE, Roy Henry  19 Feb 1920Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14240 Our Ancestors 
20 BALE, Stanley Roy  21 May 1910Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14292 Our Ancestors 
21 BALE, Stanley Roy  17 Feb 1920Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14292 Our Ancestors 
22 DOWNING, Alice Katherine  21 May 1910Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14291 Our Ancestors 
23 DOWNING, Alice Katherine  17 Feb 1920Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14291 Our Ancestors 
24 DOWNING, Alice Katherine  30 Apr 1940Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14291 Our Ancestors 
25 FARLEY, Earl Willis  14 Apr 1930Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14377 Our Ancestors 
26 FARLEY, Earl Willis  29 Apr 1940Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14377 Our Ancestors 
27 FARLEY, Everett L  14 Apr 1930Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14378 Our Ancestors 
28 FARLEY, Everett L  29 Apr 1940Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14378 Our Ancestors 
29 FARLEY, Floyd Allan  29 Apr 1940Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I31641 Our Ancestors 
30 FARLEY, Franklin  14 Apr 1930Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14294 Our Ancestors 
31 FARLEY, Franklin  29 Apr 1940Parma,Canyon County,Idaho,USA I14294 Our Ancestors 
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