Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA


Tree: Our Ancestors
Latitude: 42.969444, Longitude: -75.786667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AUSTIN, Alfred Charles  06 Jul 1903Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I49 Our Ancestors 
2 AUSTIN, James Montgomery  31 Jan 1882Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I13 Our Ancestors 
3 BROWN, Rebecca A  06 Jun 1924Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12924 Our Ancestors 
4 DUFFY, Milton Earl  10 Oct 1895Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I15432 Our Ancestors 
5 HODGE, Grant Henry  02 May 1866Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I13072 Our Ancestors 
6 MARSHALL, Clement R  11 Aug 1917Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I24624 Our Ancestors 
7 PHILLIPS, Hattie May  20 Apr 1886Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I14 Our Ancestors 
8 ROBERTS, Elmer George  09 Jul 1920Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I15394 Our Ancestors 
9 SHAVER, Harry  23 Mar 1891Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I13409 Our Ancestors 
10 STEVENS, Eveline  03 May 1869Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I48 Our Ancestors 
11 WOODWORTH, Dorothy A  13 Apr 1919Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I111 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 DUFFY, Gaynor Patrick  25 Aug 1913Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I13488 Our Ancestors 
2 HILL, Webster C.  Feb 1904Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I578 Our Ancestors 
3 HODGE, Harrison H.  17 Dec 1914Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I585 Our Ancestors 
4 MARSHALL, Charles P.  20 Jul 1892Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I79 Our Ancestors 
5 SHAVER, Robert S  06 Jun 1889Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I212 Our Ancestors 
6 VIBBERT, Stephen R  09 Jan 1872Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12987 Our Ancestors 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 AUSTIN, Alfred Charles  10 May 1910Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I49 Our Ancestors 
2 AUSTIN, Alfred Charles  02 Jan 1920Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I49 Our Ancestors 
3 AUSTIN, Evelyn Almeda  02 Jan 1920Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I3 Our Ancestors 
4 AUSTIN, Evelyn Almeda  16 Apr 1930Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I3 Our Ancestors 
5 AUSTIN, Evelyn Almeda  03 Apr 1940Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I3 Our Ancestors 
6 AUSTIN, James Montgomery  15 Jun 1900Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I13 Our Ancestors 
7 AUSTIN, James Montgomery  10 May 1910Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I13 Our Ancestors 
8 AUSTIN, James Montgomery  02 Jan 1920Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I13 Our Ancestors 
9 AUSTIN, James Montgomery  16 Apr 1930Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I13 Our Ancestors 
10 AUSTIN, James Montgomery  03 Apr 1940Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I13 Our Ancestors 
11 AUSTIN, La Verne Alfred  13 Apr 1940Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I53 Our Ancestors 
12 AUSTIN, Laura Mae  10 May 1910Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I50 Our Ancestors 
13 AUSTIN, Laura Mae  02 Jan 1920Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I50 Our Ancestors 
14 AUSTIN, Lyle William  02 Jan 1920Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I51 Our Ancestors 
15 AUSTIN, Lyle William  16 Apr 1930Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I51 Our Ancestors 
16 AUSTIN, Lyle William  03 Apr 1940Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I51 Our Ancestors 
17 AUSTIN, Minnie Belle  15 Jun 1900Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I46 Our Ancestors 
18 AUSTIN, William  15 Jun 1900Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I44 Our Ancestors 
19 AUSTIN, William  01 Jun 1905Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I44 Our Ancestors 
20 BISHOP, Mabel E.  26 Jun 1900Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I231 Our Ancestors 
21 BIXBY, Eveline  05 Jun 1865Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I2596 Our Ancestors 
22 BIXBY, James  18 Jul 1870Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I2571 Our Ancestors 
23 BIXBY, James  22 Jun 1880Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I2571 Our Ancestors 
24 BIXBY, James  16 Feb 1892Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I2569 Our Ancestors 
25 BROWN, Alvin L  12 Jan 1920Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12920 Our Ancestors 
26 BROWN, Alvin L  17 Apr 1930Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12920 Our Ancestors 
27 BROWN, Alvin L  13 Apr 1940Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12920 Our Ancestors 
28 BROWN, Alvin Lester  12 Jan 1920Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I601 Our Ancestors 
29 BROWN, Alvin Lester  17 Apr 1930Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I601 Our Ancestors 
30 BROWN, Clifford F  17 Apr 1930Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12923 Our Ancestors 
31 BROWN, Clifford F  13 Apr 1940Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12923 Our Ancestors 
32 BROWN, Donald E  13 Apr 1940Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I15393 Our Ancestors 
33 BROWN, Francis S  12 Jan 1920Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12922 Our Ancestors 
34 BROWN, Francis S  17 Apr 1930Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12922 Our Ancestors 
35 BROWN, George F  17 Apr 1930Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12925 Our Ancestors 
36 BROWN, George F  13 Apr 1940Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12925 Our Ancestors 
37 BROWN, Nellie Sylvia  12 Jan 1920Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12893 Our Ancestors 
38 BROWN, Nellie Sylvia  17 Apr 1930Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12893 Our Ancestors 
39 BROWN, Norma Janette  12 Jan 1920Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12909 Our Ancestors 
40 BROWN, Norma Janette  17 Apr 1930Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12909 Our Ancestors 
41 BROWN, Norma Janette  13 Apr 1940Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12909 Our Ancestors 
42 BROWN, Rebecca A  17 Apr 1930Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12924 Our Ancestors 
43 BROWN, Rebecca A  13 Apr 1940Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12924 Our Ancestors 
44 BURGDOFF, George Washington  18 Jun 1900Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12902 Our Ancestors 
45 BURGDOFF, Orley Arthur  18 Jun 1900Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I12901 Our Ancestors 
46 CARY, Elizabeth A  19 Jun 1875Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I598 Our Ancestors 
47 CARY, Elizabeth A  01 Jun 1880Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I598 Our Ancestors 
48 CARY, Elizabeth A  16 Feb 1892Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I598 Our Ancestors 
49 CARY, Elizabeth A  27 Jun 1900Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I598 Our Ancestors 
50 CARY, Elizabeth A  11 May 1910Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I598 Our Ancestors 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 SHAVER, Robert S  Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA I212 Our Ancestors 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 MARSHALL / HODGE  23 Feb 1891Fenner,Madison County,New York,USA F33 Our Ancestors 
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