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8651 Unmarried. [Moses.ged] CLEVELAND, Mary (I2781)
8652 Unmarried. [Moses.ged] CLEVELAND, Palmer (I1618)
8653 Unmarried. [Moses.ged] CLEVELAND, Lois Neal (I731)
8654 Unmarried. [Moses.ged] CLEVELAND, Iram (I4061)
8655 Unmarried. [Moses.ged] COXE, Anna M. (I9268)
8656 Unmarried. [Moses.ged] HIBBARD, Lewis Lambert (I10343)
8657 Unmarried. [Moses.ged] CLEVELAND, John (I4084)
8658 Unmarried. [Moses.ged] DRIGGS, Hiram Cleveland (I9306)
8659 Unmarried. [Moses.ged] CLEVELAND, Mary (I730)
8660 Unmarried; dwelt Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina to 1872, since at Brooklyn, New York, 1885. [Moses.ged] CLEVELAND, Rebekah Wilkinson (I6543)
8661 Unmarried; dwelt Royalton to 1859, Frankfort, Harrodsburg, and Louisville, Kentucky, and New York City from 1870. Since May, 1877, has been ofCasperfield and Cleveland, merchants New York City 1882 [not there 189?-7].
[Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families, Volume 2, Page 1630] 
CLEVELAND, Augustus (I19663)
8662 Unmarried; enlisted Jan. 5, 1864, Co. G, 8th Vt. Vol.; died U.S. hospital, Brattleboro, Vermont.
CLEVELAND, Henry Curtis (I10312)
8663 Unmarried; enlisted Oct. 4, 1861, Co. C, 22nd Mass., buried Somerset.
CLEVELAND, Edwin (I7735)
8664 Unmarried; established 1840, a successful drug store in Charleston during war, removed to Atlanta, became homeopathic physician; was of strongpolitical opinions; kind hearted to and greatly beloved by the poor; over 1,000 persons followed him to the grave.
CLEVELAND, William Larned (I6544)
8665 Unmarried; of Canandaigua and Waukesha, Waukesha, Wisconsin, where he and Albert keep a large summer hotel.
CLEVELAND, James Harvey (I9421)
8666 Unmarried; of Chicago, Illinois.
KIRTLAND, Eliza Cleveland (I6559)
8667 Unmarried; of Oneida, New York.
[Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families, Volume 2, Page 1630] 
SPERRY, Julius Walter (I19670)
8668 Unmarried; removed from Canterbury, Connecticut, 1804, to Liberty, now Gerard, Trumbull, Ohio, and lived with his brother Camden.

Payne Cleveland, William Pitt Cleveland, and Jacob Dyer bought lands of Samuel and Robert Johnson in Middletown, Delaware, New York, Jan. 12, 1797.
CLEVELAND, Paine (I4139)
8669 Unmarried; traveler and linguist, 1884. [Moses.ged] CRANE, George (I7916)
8670 Unmarried; was prominent in the organization of the Seperate Church, Canterbury.
Lydia Cleaveland joined Old Congregational church, Pomfret, Windham, Connecticut, April 4, 1742.
Alternate date for death September 29, 1736.
CLEVELAND, Lydia (I670)
8671 Unsuccessful in find Orlin & Julia WOODRUFF living as a family unit in the census records. Therefore the information about their marriage issuspect. Not sure the Julia WOODRUFF in the cemetery transcription is the correct person, therefore the date of birth and death is suspect. I didfind a Julia WOODRUFF in the 1850 (Whitestown, Oneida, New York), 1860 (Pamelia, Jefferson, New York), and 1870 (Pamelia, Jefferson, New York)census records. In each case she was living in a asylum. No evidence that thisthe Julia WOODRUFF we are looking for.
[S. Griffiths - April 2009] 
HALE, Julia (I18656)
8672 Upon his death, he willed his $9,000.00 estate to his second wife, Millie (1894-1981). Upon her death the estate passed to a son Randall. His children Jennie & Robert were not mentioned in the will.
[Syracuse Journal (NY) - August 14, 1936 - Page 5, Column --] 
NASH, Burton O (I16329)
8673 Uriah Drury Pike lived at Dunstable, Massachusetts, was in the Revolutionary army at Saratoga, New York, Sept., 1777.
PIKE, Uriah Drury (I6926)
8674 Used "PENN" for his surname. Adopted by Clarence?
[S. Griffiths - May 2018]

Services Today For Rex P. Penn
Services for Rex P. Penn, 61, of 4000 E. Colfax ave., will be at 3 p.m. today at the Hamilton Funeral Home with burial at Glendale Cemetery.

Mr. Penn died Friday at home of a heart ailment. He had been ill 4 years.

He was born in Ottumwa and had lived in Des Moines 55 years. He was the owner and manger of the City Market Poultry House before retiring. Before that he was employed 10 years by the Clausesen Poultry & Egg market.

Surviving are his wife, Etta; a son, Kenneth, Des Moines; a daughter, Virginia Lee Taylor, and his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Penn, who recently moved to Boone from Des Moines
[Des Moines Register (IA) - September 20, 1965 - Page 17, Column 3] 
KENSLER, Rex Paul (I86211270)
MORRISVILLE, DEC. 25 -- The 100th anniversary of the birth of Mrs. Polly Cleveland was celebrated at the residence of her grandson, CharlesCleveland, a mile or two from this village, Saturday. Mrs. Cleveland came into this county and settled in Log City,now Eaton, while yet young.She married Dr. William P. Cleveland, a physician and surgeon, who resided here for a great number of years, dying here about 30 years ago.

Mrs. Cleveland has a half sister, Mrs. Peggy Lombard, who is some 20 years her junior, and she is her nearest living relative.

During her entire life she has attended to all the duties of a housewife, but to-day she says that she is not going to do any more work. During thepast summer she has worked both indoors and out, retaining the use of all of her faculties and strength toa remarkable degree. As is customarywith very old people, her eyesight is dimmed and her hearing slightly impaired, but she does not suffer with the palsy or loss of memory which is sooften found among people of but half her age.

Accustomed during her entire life to simple fare and plenty of exercise, the entertainment furnished to the guests Saturday furnished a strikingcontrast. The table to which the guests sat down was loaded with all the luxuries and delicacies which adorn the menu of a first class city tabled' hote. About thirty persons partook of the generous hospitality of Mrs. Cleveland's two grandsons, Charles Cleveland and our postmaster andvillage president, William P. Cleveland, near all of whom were relatives. A number of Mrs. Cleveland's great-grand-children, some of whom aremarried, were present. But few aquaintances were invited, the family circle being very large, and unbroken for four generations.
LOMBARD, Polly (I9301)
8676 Uzal Cory resided Englewood. 1881-1886.
CORY, Uzal (I3312)
8677 Valdonna & Stanley HYLTON had six children.
[S. Griffiths - March 2011] 
SLOCUM, Valdonna (I23926)
8678 VanEpps E. G. p o Chittenango, farmer, 5 acres, b Lenox 1830; wife, Hannah Harns ,married 1868; children 1, - Fred. Father, Abram VanEpps, one ofthe first settlers one mile north east of Perryville.
[Smith, James, "History of Chenango and Madison Counties, New York : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some to its prominent men andpioneers", (H., D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, N.Y., 1880), 103, (On-line Database, HeritageQuest Books )]

Note sure the E.G. Van Epps in the 1870 census is correct.
[S. Griffiths - October 2004] 
VAN EPPS, Elisha (I13096)
8679 Various records have being born in Durham, Knoxville, or Webster. Durham & Knoxville are in Marion County and Webster is in Keokuk County.
[S. Griffiths - June 2018]

George Roland Funeral Is Set
Services for George A. Roland, 81, of S.E. Thirty-second st. and Maury ave., who died Tuesday at Des Moines General Hospital after a long illness, will be at 1:30 p.m. Friday at Hamilton's Funeral Home. Burial will be in Glendale Cemetery.

Mr. Roland, a retired farmer, was born in Knoxville and had lived in Des Moines 58 years.

Survivors include his wife, Jennie; two daughters, Mrs. Lucille Slater and Mrs. Barbara Musgrave, both of Des Moines; seven sons, Morgan G., of Spring, Tex., George H., of Tomball, Tex., Howard L. Of Pine Bluff, Ark., and Ray W., Joseph C., Dewey R., andFrederick E., all of Des Moines; two sisters, Mrs. Hazel Hudson and Mrs. Elizabeth Penn, both of Des Moines; 24 grandchildren, and 29 great-grandchildren.
[Des Moines Tribune (IA) - June 18, 1969 - Page 11, Column 6] 
ROLAND, George Alfred (I20705639)
8680 Vena & Asa divorced before 1924.
[S. Griffiths - November 2016] 
MEAD, Vena C (I20799)
8681 Vernon is not listed in the 1910 census.

Not sure the Vernon CLEVELAND in the SSDI is the correct person, therefore date of birth & death are suspect.
[S. Griffiths - June 2010]

May have had a daughter; Joan (b. 1935).
[S. Griffiths - April 2014] 
CLEVELAND, Vernon O (I21278)
8682 Very probable a daughter of Mose's. [Moses.ged] CLEVELAND, Lucy (I2444)
8683 Very probably the Jacob Cleveland who owned the "half-way convenant" in Woodbury, Connecticut, church, Nov. 16, 1777.
CLEVELAND, Jacob (I4265)
8684 Vester or Sylvester Cleveland removed from Connecticut when a child to Royalton, Vermont, where he was reared, and went, 1801, to Barnston, nowEastern twp., -- then a vast wilderness -- endured many privations. He was an industious, successful man, became possessed of large storehouses,blooded animals, ect. Although entirely uneducated, he had a system of hieroglyphics in which he kept his accounts always correct.
CLEVELAND, Sylvester (I1661)
8685 Veteran of the Spanish American War.
[S. Griffiths - December 2011] 
NEWMAN, Frank Julian (I24996)
8686 Veteran of World War 1.
[Eric Royske - February 2005] 
KOLANDER, Reuben Louis (I25381)
8687 Veteran of WWI, Pvt Co. M. 26 Inf; I Div.; U. S. A. MOORE, Roy Miles (I28951)
8688 Veteran of WWII and Korea.
[S. Griffiths - February 2010] 
STONE, Troy Lee (I20469)
8689 Veteran of WWII. Also married Alice MONROE, two children. MCMINN, Edward LeRoy (I28967)
8690 Victor E. NATALIE enlised in the U.S. Army on Aug 21 1942 in Rochester, New York.
[U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946] 
NATALIE, Victor Edward (I29858)
8691 Victor, widower, aged 42 yrs. Wit - William Trusler, Ethel Trusler (Chas Saunder's brother-in-law & sister).

Died at 49 yrs from "Shock from burns received through the ignition of sewer gas whilst at work. By misadventure 6 hours".
[Ancestry File - Jenny Williams, "Captain Samuel Cleveland", December 2006] 
BROWNING, Victor Samuel (I16829)
8692 Viola died of a heart/stroke.
[Carolyn Wright - March 2005] 
SCHULZ, Viola Martha (I150)
8693 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CLEVELAND, V.R. (I26548)
8694 Vital records for Voluntown, CT, Sarah married John LOWDEN, August 15, 1776 by Rev George Gilmore.

Her first husband, Elijah HODGE may have died shortly after the birth of Elijah, born May 4, 1774.
[Linda KENNEDY, November 12, 2010] 
UNKNOWN, Sarah (I23118)
8695 Vivian moves to Florida in 1983.
[Courtesy of Ivy Hohenstein & Cobb Mutter - April 2019] 
AUSTIN, Vivian Elaine (I54)
8696 Wagoneer US Army, World War I.

Not sure the M. L. WADE in the 1930 census is the correct person, therefore name of wife and child are suspect.
[S. Griffiths - October 2011] 
WADE, Malvin Leroy (I25090)
8697 Waitstill Cleveland was dismissed by letter from Hillsdale church, 1797. Dwelt Kortright, and Summit, farmer.
CLEVELAND, Waitstill (I3745)
8698 Walter enlisted in the U.S. Army on July 28 1898.
[U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914, www.ancestry.com] 
WOODRUFF, Walter Clark (I18691)
8699 Walter Miller, Miss Preziosi are Married

Miss Evelyn Preziosi, daughter of Mr and Mrs Lawrence Preziosi of Richmond Hill, Long Island, was married at a 5:15 PM ceremony in Holy Child Jesus Church, Richmond Hill, to Walter Miller, son of Mrs. Thomas D Miller of 949 Webster Avenue, and the late Mr. Miller

Rev. Edward Hogan officiated. A reception and dinner for 100 guests followed in the Homestead Hotel, Kew Gardens, L.I.

The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a white gown with lace top and nylon net skirt. Her fingertip-length veil was arranged from a floral headpiece. She carried an old fashioned bouquet of white roses, lilies of the valley, and white orchids.

Mrs. Michael Marino of Woodhaven, NY was matron of honor for her sister. She wore a green marquisette, white pique hat and carried yellow roses.

Bridesmaids, gowned similarly in yellow marquisette, white pique hats, and carrying yellow roses and green flowers, were the Misses Grace Melore of Richmond Hill, cousin of the bride, and Marion Wynne of Brooklyn.

Arthur Morris of New Rochelle was best man. Ushers were Louis Preziosi, brother of the bride, and Mr. Marino.

Following a wedding trip to Daytona Beach, Fla., the couple will reside at 87-40 113 Street, Richmond Hill. The bride is a alumna of Richmond Hill High School. Mr. Miller, an alumnus of New Rochelle High School, served as a flight officer in the Air Force.
[Newspaper Unknown, Miller Family Tree, Tom Miller, compiler]

The following comes from an interview conducted on 11/26/99:

My mother was born in Richmond Hill NY on 8/2/1926. She says she was born at home, my father says it was at a hospital. She grew up in a house that was a storefront barbershop at 104-06 Jamaica Ave. She attended P.S. 90 through 9th Grade and then wentto Richmond Hill H.S. She describes her youth as very nice, normal, not all that exciting. She went to Rockaway Beach for fun during the summers and remembers traveling to the Poconos (PA) and Ohio for vacations to visit relatives.

She married my father, Walter Miller, 6/25/1950, at Holy Child, Richmond Hill, NY.

She remembers her mother telling her that she began working in sweatshops at the age of nine as a seamstress. Her father was described as calm,easy going, and a workaholic. She doesn't remember meeting her gandparents on her father's side.

She remembers her father's brother, Joseph. He had a barber shop in Manhasset on Long Island. He was described as very nice and she believed he had a son with Muscular Dystrophy.

She says her father is buried in S. Charles Cemetery, Huntington, NY

She definetly remembers her grandparents on her mother's side, Grazia and Tommaso. She said they were very nice but didn't speak much English. She knew her mother's family (i.e. brothers and sisters, parents) very well and describes them as "great, verynice, and fun-loving".
[Miller Family Tree, Tom Miller, compiler] 
PREZIOSI, Evelyn Tomasina (I20284)
8700 Walter W. LINDFIELD enlisted in the U.S. Army on December 12, 1940 in Albany, New York.
[U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946]

Cleveland - Walter W. Lindfield, 41, of Cleveland, died at work at the Carrier Corporation in Syracuse Wednesday.

Mr. Lindfield is survived by his wife, Mrs. Charlotte Lindfield; his mother, Mrs. Neva Lindfield, of Cleveland; two brothers, Fred of McConnellsville; Earl of Utica; two sisters, Mrs. Arthur Rank of Utica and Mrs. Isaac Baird of Camden, and several niecesand nephews.

Mr. Lindfield is present master of Cleveland Lodge 513 F&AM. He was a World War 2 veteran, past commander of Raymond-Faulkner-Cook Post 858 American Legion of Cleveland and adjutant of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Trash-Aurlnger Chapter 7325 of Constantia.He was a captain in the Cleveland Volunteer Fire Company.

Services will be conducted at 1:30 p.m. Sunday at the home and at 2 p.m. in Cleveland Methodist Church, the Rev Robert Tanner officiating. Masonic services will be held at the grave at Maple Flats Cemetery. Friends may call at their convenience.
[Palladium-Times (Oswego, NY) - February 4, 1954 - Page 12, Column 5] 
LINDFIELD, Walter W (I24171)

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