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8651 Was his middle name Bonaparte or Burton? The WWI Draft Registration has is given name as Jerome Bert and a date of birth as July 4, 1883.
[S. Griffiths - December 2009] 
CLEVELAND, Jerome Bonaparte (I19849)
8652 Was his middle name Orval or Arval?
[S.Griffiths - August 2013]

Not sure the Rex O. BALDWIN in the SSDI is the correct person, therefore date of birth & death are suspect.
[S. Griffiths - August 2013] 
BALDWIN, Rex Orval (I28249)
8653 Was his middle name Orval or Arval?
[S.Griffiths - August 2013] 
BALDWIN, John Arval (I26409)
8654 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ANDERSON, A.G. (I19369)
8655 Was his name Arnold Wayne WONSEY (1934-2001)?
[S. Griffiths - March 2018] 
WONSEY, Arnold (I92925745)
8656 Was his name Buford Leslie MABERY? If so he was born October 19, 1898 in Missouri and died June 3, 1973 in Columbia county, Florida.

In the 1920 census Buford & Izola MABRY (MABERY) are living in San Antonio, Bexar, Texas. Buford was born about 1898 in Missouri and was a sergeant in the U.S. Army. A second Buford L. MABERY was listed in the 1920 census living in Kelly Field, Bexar, Texas. He was born about 1899 in Missouri. He was married and was a sergeant in the U.S. Army. Are they the same person?

In the 1930 census Izola MABRY (MABERY) is living San Antonio, Bexar, Texas. She is widowed. In 1930 Buford L. MABERY (1899 in Missouri) is living San Antonio, Bexar, Texas. He is married to Anna B. Was Izola widowed or divorced?

Was our Buford's surname MABRY, MABERY, or MAYBERRY?
[S. Griffiths - November 2011]

The 1940 census shows that Buford & Izola were divorced.
[S. Griffiths - January 2017] 
MABERY, Buford (I27128)
8657 Was his name George Johnson? See 1875 NY Census; 1875_L.3 line 8.
[S. Griffiths - May 2006] 
JOHNSON, George (I13492)
8658 Was his name George S. HILDRETH (October 19, 1930 - March 4, 2007)? If so, his obituary does not mention his wife; Ethel.
[S. Griffiths - January 2013] 
HILDRETH, Unknown (I27486)
8659 Was his name George William TABER, born May 8, 1888 in Oswego County, New York? Did he mary Myrtle UNKNOWN, children:
Iva (b. 1915, NY)
Jack (b. 1917, NY)
Elizabeth (b. 1918, NY)
Emma (b. 1919, NY)
[S. Griffiths - April 2011] 
TABER, George W (I13693)
8660 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CLEVELAND, G. (I31012)
8661 Was his name Herbert "Bert" Green MOORHOUSE (November 20, 1894- January 26, 1954)? If so, he was an American motion picture figure of the 1920sthrough the 1950s. Ended his life (suicide - gun) because of a severe painful condition that made it difficultfor him to eat or sleep.
[S. Griffiths - October 2013] 
8662 Was his name Ivan W. SABIN, born about 1896, died April 19, 1957 in Syracuse, New York? His wife's name his listed in his obituary as GraceSCHAFFER, his son's name was Ivan G. SABIN. Anna Mae shaver MARSHALL's obituary mentioned a brother named Ivan.
[S. Griffiths - July 2011] 
SABIN, Unkown (I13034)
8663 Was his name Merritt E. ELLER?
[S. Griffiths - August 2014] 
ELLER, Unknown (I30094)
8664 Was his name Richrd John REWERTS? If so, born August 7, 1940, died December 7 or 15, 1987.
[Cook County, Illinois Death Index, 1908-1988 & SSDI] 
REVERTS, Richard (I22102)
8665 Was his name William Alonzo CLEVELAND? If so, he was born August 11, 1861 & died November 22 1884, burial in Godbey Cemetery, Petersburg, Menard, IL.

The biography of Alonzo L. Sturgis indicates that Alonzo CLEVELAND was born August 4, 1861, and died November 21, 1884. See the note for his father.
[S. Griffiths - September 2012] 
CLEVELAND, William Alonzo (I26363)
8666 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CHAPPELL, I. (I21840)
8667 Was his surname NEAD or MEAD?
[S. Griffiths - May 2010] 
NEAD, Oliver Oscar (I20782)
8668 Was hs given name Frances (military) or Franklin (SSDI)? His birth registration (Iowa, County Births, 1880-1935) has his date of birth as March 16,1898. All other sources (military and SSDI) have his date of birth as February 16, 1898.
[S. Griffiths - April 2013] 
CLEAVELAND, Frank Ray (I27048)
8669 Was in 20th Conn. Reg. Resided Plainville, town clerk, 6 children.
USHER, Robert Cleveland (I8711)
8670 Was in Placerville, El Dorado, California; not heard from since the war.
CLEVELAND, Joseph (I6016)
8671 Was in the U.S. service, civil war, resided in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, 1881.
HUNTINGTON, Charles Stuart (I3264)
8672 Was is name Bob Marion McCLELLAN? May have been born on September 30, 1924 and died September 10, 1973.
[S. Griffiths - January 2018] 
MCCLELLAN, Robert M (I72968405)
8673 Was is name Clarence C or Clarence E. ?
[S. Griffiths - July 2008] 
PURCHASE, Clarence C. (I14255)
8674 Was killed in battle, Ream's Station, Dinwiddle, Virginia, Aug. 7, 1864, unmarried, member N. Y. H. Art., tranfered to R. I. Battery.
BLAKE, Henry Harrison (I9669)
8675 Was living @ High & Puck Streets, London at time of marriage. Died in childbirth from rupture of Uterus at 35 yrs, 165 Old Gravel Road, St Georgein East. Died 4 days after the event. Husband, Edward, was present at her death at 164 Old Gravel Road, StGeorge in the East. Father listed onMC as James PULLEN, Gentleman. Harriett listed as "HARRIET SARAH" on Ann's BC in 1842 & again on Edward's in 1844. "Halifax Journal" - Ref: 1943 -Year 1850.

"Died at London, England, "Harriet Pallew", 35, wife of Edward Cleveland, formerly of Halifax". Below that but with same reference number ...."DiedJuly 12th, Mrs Pallew, mother of above Harriett". Listed as "Harriet Sarah Cleaveland (PULLEN) in 1842, 1848.

Witness - James & Jane Pullen.
[Ancestry File - Jenny Williams, "Captain Samuel Cleveland", December 2006] 
PULLEN, Harriet (Sarah) (I16567)
8676 Was living at Walpole Massachusetts 1849-1850, where she was interviewed by Rev. O. A. Taylor, June 14, 1849; had 6 children.
CLEVELAND, Keturah (I1612)
8677 Was living in Canada in 1930 and 1941.
[S. Griffiths - June 2018] 
ROLAND, Joseph Albert (I10277860)
8678 Was lost to his family many years.

Enlisted in Co. G., 2nd Colo. Cav., bugler, dept. of Upper Arkansas, in battles: Cabin Creek, Honey Springs, Valverde, Big Creek, Lexington, BigBlue, Independence, Mine Creek, Newtonia, Cane Hill, Pigeon's Ranch, Sand Creek; wouded five times, three timesalmost fatally, mustered out at FortRiley.

Of Papinsville, Bates, Missouri, 1899, owns farm, builder.
JOHNSTON, Owen Oscar (I8553)
8679 Was lost, unknown whether living.
FISH, Reuben (I7503)
8680 Was married.
CLEVELAND, Lee (I2640)
8681 Was mate of brig "Wilmington" and was lost off that vessel.
CLEVELAND, John Franklin (I848)
8682 Was of Shaftsbury in the New Hampshire Grants (Vt.) in 1775. Of Sunderland, Bennington, Vermont, blacksmith, lost sight of there, nothing knownregarding his children.
ADAMS, Henry (I2453)
8683 Was of Troy, Pennsylvania, merchant, removed to California, 1849, of San Francisco, California, merchant.
HOAG, Horace (I11616)
8684 Was P. M. of Harney, Maryland, 1872 to 1885, lived Harney, 1886.
SHOEMAKER, Daniel Lawrence (I8791)
8685 Was probably living 1760, when his nephew ? was named Gideon COOLE. No descendants found. May have been a mariner, perhaps died in a foreigncountry.
[Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families, Volume 1, Page 88] 
CLEVELAND, Gideon (I510)
8686 Was she names after a younger sister that died young?
[Melvin Morris, compiler, <51harley@excite.com>, Family ahnentafel, RootsWeb's World Connect Project,
TYNG, Anna Griswold (I14074)
8687 Was still living in 1830.
ALLEN, Perez William (I3530)
8688 Was still living Oct. 1896, at South Berwick.
DOWNIE, Susan (I10007)
8689 Was Truman GADWA born in Oregon or Mt. Vernon, New York?
[S. Griffiths - August 2012]

Truman GADWA graduated with honors in Chemical Engineering form Oregon State College in June 1929.
[The Sunday Oregonian (Portland, OR) - June 2, 1929, Page 16, Column 4]

Master degree from Pennsylvania State College, Dept. of Chemistry, 1931 - (Thesis: A Study of Packed Fractionation Columns ... )
Doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, 1936 - (Thesis (Sc. D.: Rectification of Binary Mixtures)
[S. Griffiths - August 2012] 
GADWA, Truman Allen (I26737)
8690 Wayne A. BOSWORTH enlisted in the U.S. Army on February 5, 1943 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
[U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946]

First marriage to Mary ANDERSON on September 17, 1944 in Mulliken, Michigan. She was the daughter of Maurice & Winifred (McHatton) ANDERSON.
[S. Griffiths - January 2016] 
BOSWORTH, Wayne A (I30073)
8691 Wayne CROUSE enlisted in the U.S. Army on May 9, 1941 in Peoria, Illinois.
[U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946]

Wayne Crouse, 75, of Virginia died at 11 a.m. Saturday at Walker Nursing Home.

Graveside services will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Walnut Ridge Cemetery.

Massie-Buchanan Funeral Home, Virginia, is in charge of arrangements.

Surviving are one brother, Gene Crouse of Virginia; and several nieces and nephews.
[The State Journal-Register (Springfield, IL) - July 19, 1987] 
CROUSE, H Wayne (I27709)
8692 Wendell B. CHASE enlisted in the U. Army on August 5, 1942 in Rutland, Vermont. He was single, without dependents
[U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946]

WENDELL B. CHASE, 75, 3141 S. Orange Ave., Orlando, died Friday. Born in Lyndonville, Vt., he moved to Orlando from there in 1953. He was aretired paint contractor and a Protestant. He was an Army veteran of World War II. Survivors: brother, Russell J., Orlando; sister, KathleenMaroni, Pleasant Valley, Conn. Colonial Funeral Home, Orlando.
[The Orlando Sentinel (FL) - December 14, 1986] 
CHASE, Wendell Burns (I26672)
8693 Went away on a man-of-war, the family never heard from him again.
NEGUS, Joseph Hobart (I7726)
8694 Went away, 1859- 62, not since heard from; off to sea 1896.
CLEVELAND, Charles Jackson (I10022)
8695 Went from home a young man, probably met a tragic end.
CLEVELAND, Whiting (I4868)
8696 Went to Arkansas in 1855. His widow and child not since heard from.
CRANE, Matthias (I7892)
8697 Went to California 1867. The account of his overland pedestrian journey in SUSANVILLE, CALIFORNIA SAGE BRUSH, July 1867 -- Sergt. Bates outdone!Aaron S. Cleveland just arrived; he has made the journey on foot and alone; left Cheyenne City Mar. 14, goingvia South Pass to Salt Lake, toAustin, reachinf Virginia City last week. Saw Indians, but was not molested. To Susanville, Lassen, California, a distance of 1,300 miles.

Was 12 years a miner. Of Mulestown, Shasta, California 1884. Used his homestead right at Riverside, San Bernardino, California. Farmer.

Lived at Santinas City. Since 1889 in San Francisco, 1892. Weigher in Custom House 1 year, in Cleveland's 1st term. Two years conductor forOmnibus Cable Co. No children.
CLEVELAND, Aaron Silas (I9167)
8698 Went to Joliet, Will, Illinois 1845-1846, accidently killed while working on canal bridge.
CLEVELAND, Ezra (I8121)
8699 Went to Kansas 1847; afterward to Rockport, Arkansas, Texas, still resided there in 1884; farmer.
CLEVELAND, Philemon (I8122)
8700 Went to Nashau, New Hampshire. [Moses.ged] HILL, Corina C. (I6086)

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